A Rabbit can be kept as a Pet

A Rabbit can be kept as a Pet


For your neighbors, animal sounds can be a big concern. And rabbits make little to no noise. The fact that Rabbits are so quiet is also great if you’re a light sleeper and your rabbit decides he’s really a night owl.  

Rabbits have very distinct personalities. These animals can be charming, affectionate and very interactive. When choosing a bunny as a pet, spend some time getting to know him before you decide to take him home to be sure his personality fits yours. Just like more traditional pets, some bunnies are rambunctious and playful, while others may be more shy and reserved. Just like dogs or cats, rabbits get to know their owners well. They recognize them by voice and sight and will even come on command. Bunnies may even follow their owners from room to room and jump up on their laps when called. If you are looking for a pet who require very less space than  a rabbit may be right for you. As long as bunnies get a couple of hours of exercise running around outside of their cages in a bunny-safe room or house, they may be kept in relatively small cages. The space needs to be large enough for them to stretch out in and allow room for a litter pan in one corner and a feeding station for hay and pellets in another. Some rabbits also like an upside-down box to hide in.Without any training too they are very clean Pet. When given clean, dry, paper-based bedding in their cages to absorb urine and a place to defecate in the corner, they can easily be litterbox-trained and will generally keep themselves very clean with frequent grooming. Owners can help keep their bunnies clean by brushing them a few times a week. Long-haired rabbits, such as the Angora species, may need daily brushing to keep their coats from matting with bedding, hay or stool.     

If you are thinking for having a cute pets then Rabbits are for you only. Rabbits aren’t perfect pets for everyone, if a family has the time and finances (for food housing and veterinary care) available for a rabbit and is willing to learn about the needs of these animals before adopting one, a bunny can be a wonderful addition to a loving home.

Then let’s have a Rabbit in your House today ……


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