The Afghan hound is extensively popular all throughout the world due to its miracle physical shape and size such as thick fur, fine and silky coat which one has a curled ring tail at the end of it. This breed had originated in Afghanistan and it was bred especially for the coldest mountains wherein it could survive without any hassle. It has several surnames those are as kuchi hound, Tazi, Tazhi spay, Ogar Afghan, etc.

It has inherited with straight front carried head along with hipbones/large feet. It has hypoallergenic issue and they have the 12-14 years life span approximately. All adult Afghan hound has the maximum height of 60-74 cm. in the investigation of the animal experts it has found in several temperaments such as happy, clownish, dignified, independent, etc. There are different types of colors found such breed of canine those are as black, red and cream actually.