Use 4PetPay Wallet, Get 5% to 10% Cash Back

Use 4PetPay Wallet, Get 5% to 10% Cash Back

Load Upto Rs 20000 and get 5% or 10% cash back into your 4PetPay wallet



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Use 4PetPay Wallet, Get 5% to 10% Cash Back Use 4PetPay Wallet, Get 5% to 10% Cash Back Use 4PetPay Wallet, Get 5% to 10% Cash Back Use 4PetPay Wallet, Get 5% to 10% Cash Back

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Use 4PetPay Wallet, Get 5% to 10% Cash Back

Regarding On the Offer

  • Duration of the offer: From Oct 17th to 31st Dec 2017
  • Add Minimum Rs. 500 to get 5% cash back in 4PetPay Wallet.
  • The customers would receive their cash back amount in 4PetPay wallet accounts.


The most common queries that asked by clients mostly

A. How can I eligible for this offer?

  • To obtain this offer, the customers might have to follow the following lines.
  • Add Minimum Rs. 500 or more than that for a single transaction among these offer validity (Period). This magnificent offer is applicable for all completed transactions, upon the adjustment for refunds/cancellation that has conducted on www.4petneeds.com or our corresponding mobile site/app during this offer period.
  • In the attempt of the avoidance the puzzle, you can avail this offer by transferring the limited amount of Rs. 500 or more through your credit/debit card or online transactions to 4PetPay wallet account.

B. When are you not eligible for this offer?

  • The customer/pet lovers would not eligible for this magnificent offer if he/she has added an amount of less than Rs. 500 in a onetime transactional period in 4PetPay wallet.
  • If anyone had added once earlier any amount that would not consider.
  • If unfortunately your amount addition has failed in our wallet, then your offer would eligible after having justified your payment review. On the basis of the successful order and payment, you would consider as an eligible for the offer.
  • For adding your minimum balance to 4PetPay wallet, you required to follow the several steps so accordingly such as your account/Add money to your 4PetPay wallet.

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The 4PetPay Wallet Offer Terms & Conditions

  • This 4PetPay Wallet Load Balance Offer has been provided by 4petneeds.com which one is known as the renowned online pet foods & accessories portal which available in 4petneeds.com
    These load balance offer terms & conditions are absolutely related to 4petneeds on the condition of sales & use options.
  • This offer duration can be extended up to further extension date, and it would consider by 4petneeds without any prior notification according to our sole discretion.
  • During this offer duration, if any customer will load their minimum amount of INR 500 in a single transaction, then he would entitle for the 5% cash back instantly.
  • Due to the incomplete condition of the 1st order till its delivery date, you would not applicable for the loyalty point accessibility for the second time but your second order would remain in the process.
  • On the condition of the initial order cancellation, the loyalty point would reverse automatically to 4Petneeds.