Use 4PetPay Wallet, Get Flat Cashback

Use 4PetPay Wallet, Get Flat Cashback

Load Upto Rs 20000 and get Flat Cashback into your 4PetPay wallet



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Use 4PetPay Wallet, Get Flat Cashback Use 4PetPay Wallet, Get Flat Cashback Use 4PetPay Wallet, Get Flat Cashback Use 4PetPay Wallet, Get Flat Cashback

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Use 4PetPay Wallet, Get Flat Cashback

4PetPay wallet

We are delighted to provide you 4PetPay wallet service. It is an electronic medium used for a transaction that is prevalent in many countries; it makes your shopping convenient and much safer than internet banking and debit or credit card transaction.

If you use 4PetPay wallet, then it will make easier for you to avail our services and get Cashback. All you have to do is recharge your 4PetPay wallet once and shop fast without any problem.

The benefits of 4PetPay wallet

  • Shop actively.
  • Shop all the products of 4petneeds conveniently.
  • Keep the record of your balance that is spent on shopping.
  • The bigger amount you spend on a recharge, the bigger flat Cashback you will have.
  • Get rid of problems like giving your user ID, Password, Debit card details or Credit card details and save your time.

Regarding On the Offer

  • Duration of the offer: From Oct 17th to 31st Dec 2017
  • Add Minimum Rs. 501 to get flat Cashback in 4PetPay Wallet.
  • The customers would receive their Cashback amount in 4PetPay Wallet.


The most common queries that asked by clients mostly

A. What is the 4PetPay wallet?
The 4PetPay wallet is an electronic wallet, if you load some amount in it, then you can shop actively and get flat Cashback.

B. How to proceed when registering the 4PetPay wallet?

  • Just click on 4PetPay wallet link that is at the bottom of the website.
  • You will have 4 options these are Add money option, Send money option, View statement option and Help option below "Add Balance once and shop faster always".
  • Click on any option like Add money, Send money, View statement and Help.
  • Then you will have Login Window, If you don't have an account then first Create it by clicking on "Create your 4petneeds account".
  • First, insert your name, cell phone number and email-id.
  • Click on the register button.
  • For the confirmation of your account activation, you will receive a text message (OTP) on your cell phone or email.

C. How to recharge 4PetPay wallet?

  • Just click on 4PetPay wallet link that is at the bottom of the website.
  • Click on Add money option.
  • Enter the registered mobile number and click to get a one-time password (OTP).
  • Enter OTP and click on the Submit button.
  • Write your recharge amount.
  • Click on "Add Money" button
  • It will take you to our payment method window, then fill you card details there after that Click on "Pay Now" button. (You can also use net banking method by selecting your bank name and giving your User ID and Password details on your selecting bank site).

D. How can you use your amount that is in 4PetPay wallet?
You can use it for purchasing pet foods and accessories from 4petneeds, whenever you need.

E. What to do when I don't have enough balance in my 4PetPay wallet to purchase anything from 4petneeds?
Recharge your 4PP Wallet account immediately, and after that, you can buy anything from 4petneeds.

F. Are KYC documents required for 4PetPay wallet?

G. Can I transfer my 4PetPay wallet balance to my friend's 4PetPay wallet?
Yes, You can.

H. In case of unauthorized utilization of my 4PetPay wallet by anyone, then where I have to contact with?
If the issue of unauthorized utilization of your 4PetPay wallet by an unknown person occurs, then, you have to contact us using the customer service number that displays from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM on our website or you can send an email or call us regarding this issue. Our Mobile number: +91-995-822-8588 and email: care@4petneeds.com.

I. How can I terminate 4PetPay wallet account?
It is very simple, just mail to our email id care@4petneeds.com. When we receive your mail response, then, we will immediately close your 4PetPay wallet account. If any amount remains in the wallet, then that will be transferred to you except loyalty points and cashback but, if you have some company property or anything, then you have to return that to us before closing your 4PetPay wallet account.

J. How can I use this offer?
Register yourself in our official record, submit your personal details like your name, and email ID and mobile number on 4petneeds.com. Then, recharge your account. Your recharge amount in the wallet should be between Rs 501 to Rs. 20000.

K. When can't I use this offer?

  • If your recharge amount is less than Rs 501.
  • If your recharge fails on 4PetPay wallet.

L. Will you pay me interest or not, if I use 4PP Wallet?

M. Is using a digital wallet safe?
It is safer than using internet banking and a debit or credit card for any transaction. That's why it is prevalent in this digital era.

List is given below to make you everything clear regarding this Cashback offer.

Recharge AmountCashback
Rs 501toRs 1000Rs 50
Rs 1001toRs 5000Rs 100
Rs 5001toRs 10000Rs 150
Rs 10001toRs 15000Rs 200
Rs 15001toRs 20000Rs 250

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The 4PetPay Wallet Offer Terms & Conditions

  • Unless your previous order is complete, You can't use your previous order Cashback and Loyalty points in your present order but you can place your order.
  • If your order cancels, then your Cashback and Loyalty points will be withdrawn by 4petneeds for a particular order.
  • 4petneeds provides the 4PetPay wallet offer which is a well-known online shop for pet foods and accessories. This offer is available in 4petneeds to ease the customer to purchase anything from it. The load balance offer terms and conditions are completely related to 4petneeds.
  • The offer duration can be extended, and it will be taken into consideration by 4petneeds without any prior notification as per our exclusive discretion.
  • During the validity period of this offer, a customer will get flat Cashback on the recharge of their 4PetPay wallet.
  • Cashback amount will not be transferred to any bank account.
  • If any problem happens, that will be handled only by us.
  • Cashback amount will be valid only for 2 months.
  • If a customer has loaded an amount in 4PetPay wallet, and they want it back in their bank account; then this issue will take minimum 7 days to be solved. And the customer has to share their bank details with us.
  • Cashback is not applicable on another recharge within a period of 72 hours.
  • You can use 30% of your Cashback and Loyalty points in your next order.